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System-wide flushing begins Monday, March 4, 2024.

2024 flushinggraphic


2024 Day 21 Estimate

Paradise Irrigation District crews will work in each neighborhood this spring to “flush” the water distribution system. PID anticipates completing the system flushing, neighborhood by neighborhood, by the start of summer. Generally, the flushing will move south through neighborhoods, starting from the “top” northern part of the district. The effects of flushing will generally be noticed only in the immediate area being flushed.

Flushing removes oxidation from inside steel pipes; during flushing the water is forced through pipe sections under high-pressure creating a “scouring” action inside the pipes. The flushed water is released into the roadway ditch.

While the flushing doesn’t affect the safety of the water arriving in your home or business, the water may appear cloudy due to the increased air introduced into the system during flushing. You can see this by opening the tap and getting a glass of water; watch as the cloudiness disappears as the small air bubbles settle out.

PID crews will work to thoroughly flush the water mains but a small amount of residual material may remain until your home lines have cleared any discolored water. To more fully clear your home’s lines after your neighborhood lines are flushed, open an outside hose bibb or the bathtub tap and run about 80 to 100 gallons of water (one full bathtub) until the water appears clear.

You can view the flushing project’s status and the next neighborhoods planned for flushing at Sign up for a weekly email at updates to receive the latest flushing location updates in your inbox. PID office staff are unable to provide estimates of when they’ll be in your neighborhood—keeping an eye on the website and getting the email alerts is the best way to stay informed.

If you’ve installed a filtration system in your home, many in-home systems have a sediment filter that can cause low pressure or no water if flushing causes an issue. Please contact your filter provider for details about how PID system flushing may affect your home system.

This year’s system-wide flushing is the first since our community has had backflow devices installed at each service address. PID doesn’t anticipate the flushing process to cause any issues with the backflow devices, but if you notice water coming from the backflow after flushing, please call PID at 877-4971.

PID is a community-owned water district, regulated by the State of California and under the direction of five board members elected by Paradise residents. The district serves the Paradise area; its watershed is the area around Paradise Lake and Magalia Reservoir.