Project Description - On Hold due to budgetary constraints

PID’s pipeline on lower Skyway, from Longview Drive to the Skyway Crossroad is predominantly a four-inch steel main. This project will replace that old, smaller main with 12-inch and 8-inch C900 PVC water main.

This project is a priority for the Paradise Fire Department since it will provide significantly higher fire water flow capability.


Original Spending Plan (dates postponed)

 Project Phase Previous Fiscal Year Expenses  Fiscal Year 16/17  Fiscal Year 17/18  Fiscal Year 18/19  Fiscal Year 19/20  Fiscal Year 20/21 Total
 Planning  -   -  $25,000 - -  -  $25,000
 Design -  -  $45,000 $930,000 - - $45,000
 Construction  -   -   -   -   -  - $930,000
 Total - - $70,000 $930,000 - - $1,000,000

Project Manager

Funding Source

Project Status

 on hold icon On hold due to budgetary constraints

PID's board considered these alternatives:

Option 1: PID crews construct the project.
Option 2: PID contracts with an outside firm specializing in this type of project.

The PID board approved Option 2 as presented in the 2017/2018 budget.


Benefits to PID and its Customers

Water fire flow capability in this area of Paradise will be increased. This area of Paradise is an integral part of protecting the ridge from wildland fire. The project will also provide fire flow improvement on adjoining streets.

Anticipated Project Timeline

Concept Approval

design icon
construction icon
completed icon
July 2017 on hold on hold on hold -


Project details updated November 2017

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