Water System Recovery Status for Paradise


Paradise residents will soon have more answers to their water-related questions. PID has been working with Sean Dingman from Websoft Developers, Inc. to develop an online water system map to show availability of water to neighborhoods, water status at parcels, and water testing results. We hope to have the map published here by February 1st.

Green highlighting will indicate pipes that have been filled and parcels where customers can use water now. PID will also share water testing results on the map so residents can track the progress of the system as PID tests for and resolves water quality issues.

Thanks to Websoft Developers, Inc. who has donated their time and mapping technology to help our water system and town recover from the devastating Camp Fire.

System Snapshot

Transmission System = 80% filled

The transmission system is made up of the tanks and big pipes that deliver water to all areas of town. We have large transmission pipes that extend from the top of Paradise down main streets such as Skyway, Clark, Bille, Wagstaff, etc.

Distribution System = 30% filled

The distribution system is the smaller subset of pipes that bring the water into neighborhoods and ultimately to your home.

Requesting your water service be turned on.

Your PID crews are working every day to restore services to homes in Paradise. Due to the hundreds of requests we have to turn on water, we have asked our mutual aid partners to help us carry out this work. We ask for your patience for a bit longer as we develop our plan and a timeline to show when service will be restored to each area. We hope to have more information for you by January 9th. Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

To schedule water turn-on: Call 530-342-3101 (Monday - Thursday 10 am to 2 pm) or email us.

We are experiencing a large number of requests to turn water on. It may take several days or weeks to restore water to customers - even if your street has water. We ask that you not call a 2nd time to request service: Please help us keep our phone lines open for new requests. Thank you.

Water Quality Information

We've moved all water quality information to a dedicated section of the website: https://pidwater.com/wqadvisory

Important updates on water quality testing, water advisories for PID customers, processes regarding your meter and service, as well as important steps to take once we turn the system back on, can all be found HERE:


Facebook @PIDWater
Twitter @PIDWater


Alternative sources for potable water

Drive-Thru Bottled Water Distribution - Paradise Irrigation District Customers (must confirm residency)

at PID Office - 6332 Clark Road Paradise

One case of water per day per household

Hours: 10 am - 2 pm Monday thru Friday

Local Licensed Water Haulers

  • Ben Porta Showers - 720 Colusa Highway Gridley Ca 95948 - (530) 846-4110
  • Butte Water Truck Service - 5656 Miners Ranch Road Oroville Ca 95966 - (530) 589-0645
  • Craig Dewsnup Trucking - 179 Little Avenue Gridley Ca 95948 - (530) 846-3116
  • L & L Farms - 4577 Midway Richvale Ca 95974 - (530) 882-4343
  • Tough Company Fire Inc. - 2669 Highway 32 Chico Ca 95973 - (530) 774-2384

  pdf The complete list of Food and Drug Licensed Water Haulers (128 KB)  

South Feather Water & Power (SFWPA) offers public filling stations as follows:

(SFWPA has the capability to fill most types of bulk water containers)

For potable water tanks with an appropriate air gap:
South Feather will inspect the tank and fill free for Fire Victims. Bring proof of residency.

SFWP headquarters
2310 Oro Quincy Hwy
Oroville CA 95966

between the hours of 7:30 – 4:30 Monday - Friday
check in with the front office
Cost: Free to Fire Victims

5-gallon Jug Stations - Free of Charge and open 24/7

Fire Station in Bangor
7540 Oro-Bangor Hwy
Bangor, CA 95914

Miners Ranch Water Treatment Plant
234 Kelly Ridge Road
Oroville, CA 95966

2310 Oro Quincy Hwy
Oroville, CA 95966


Daily Recap 01/16/2019 05:30 p.m.

  • Filled and restored services: Crestwood / Crestview partially filled
  • Filled and restored services:Scottwood (from Pearson to Buschmann)
  • Filled and restored services:Linrich Lane
  • Filled and restored services:Vista Drive and Vista Village (Except Russel Drive)
  • Filled and restored services:Ewald Court
  • Elliott Road Extension, including Cameron, Rising Star Court, Nielson Road
  • Filled and restored services:Wills Way
  • Filled and restored services:Tiger Tail
  • Filled and restored services:Rustic Lane


Where We're Working Tomorrow (Tentative schedule for 01/17/2019)

  • Crews are working on finding and repairing a large water leak today. 

We are still working toward restoring water to the following areas this week. Work was delayed due to obstacles in the restoration process. 

  • Nunneley Road west of Sawmill
  • Wagstaff west of Skyway to Gregory
  • Paloma
  • Princeton, Pacific, Foothill, Carmel, Orchard

Restoring water to meters (tentative schedule for January)

Crews are currently working to restore water to meters on the following streets. Customer should look for a green stake next to the water meter. If the green stake is present customers can turn on the valve to restore water to their homes. 


Acorn Ridge
Valley Ridge
Portions of Valley View
Red Bud
Small streets in Red Bud area
Bille Road all the way across
Elliott Road all the way across
Neal Road
Foster Road

Streets that are back in service (updated 01/16/2019) 5:29 pm

Alexander Court
Almond Street
Alpine Court
American Way
Apple Creek Drive
Apple View Way
Arany Court
Arrowhead Drive
Aspen Lane
Azelea Lane (from Cindy Lane to Bille Road)
Belleview Drive
Berry Creek (to Shawnee River) Includes all of Plantation
Bever Lane
Big Sky Drive
Bille Road
Bille Road Extension
Birch Street
Black Olive Drive (from Pearson to Cedar Street)
Brill Road
Brook Way
Boyden Lane
Cabernet Lane
Cameron Way
Camino Lane
Castle Drive
Cedar Street
Central Park Drive
Chaney Lane
Chapel Drive
Chapman Lane
Chris Court
Cindy Lane
Clark Road (down to American Way)
Copeland Road (North of Nunneley Road)
Country Club Road
Crandall Way
Crestmoor Drive
Cypress Lane
Danika Court
De Mille Road
Deer Haven Court
Dean Place
Dean Road
Debbie Lane
Drayer Drive
Drendel Circle
El Toro Court
Elk Lane (Sections)
Elliott (between Skyway and North Libby Road)
Elliott Extension
Erin Way
Ewald Court
Farber Lane
Fickett Lane
Fir Street
Forest Service Road
Foster Road (From Pearson Oakwood Lane and From Buschmann to Wayland Road)
Fox Road
Franke Lane
Freestone Court
Gate Lane
Geppetto Lane
Ginny Lane
Glen Road
Golf Road
Gordon Way
Happy Woods Lane
Harrison Road
Harvey Road
Heynen Road
Hillpark Lane
Holly Brook Drive
Honey Run Road (from Skyway to Tipton Lane)
Indian Rock Lane (before the turn)
Judy Lane
June Way
Kay Court
Kitty Lane
Lancaster Drive
Larsen Lane
Laurel Drive
Leone Way
Linrich Lane
Linry Lane
Locust Vale Drive
Lofty Lane
Lovely Lane (from Sunny Lane to Geppetto Lane)
Lucky John Road through PHS to Maxwell
Lunar Lane
Mallan Lane
Marywood Drive
Maxwell Drive (from PHS to Central Park)
Maxwell Drive (From PHS to to Elliott Road)
Meriam Road
Merrill Road
Middle Tree Lane
Mirada Lane
Mosure Lane
Mulberry Lane
Nature's Way
Neal Road (From Skyway to Wayland)
Nedry Drive
Nielson Road
North Libby Road (From Deliato Bille Rd)
North Libby Road (From Elliott Road to Brill Road)
Norwood Drive
Nunneley Road (from Sawmill to Oak Creek Drive)
Nunneley Road (from the Cemetery to Copeland Road)
Oakmore Drive
Oakwood Lane
Oliver Road (From Bille Road to Valley View Drive)
Old Clark Road (Sections)
Orput Lane
Pamela Drive
Paradisewood Drive
Pearson (between Clark and Middle Libby)
Pentz Road
Picnic Lane
Pinecrest Drive
Pinewood Drive
Pintail Court
Point West Drive
Ponderosa Way
Quiet Lane
Redbud Drive
Richmond Road
Ripley Lane
Rising Star Court
Robin Place
Roe Road
Rosehill Road
Rosemary Court
Royal Court
Royal Point Drive
Rustic Drive
Sawmill (from Bille Road to 5977 Sawmill)
Scottwood Road (From Pearson to Willow Pond)
Seneca Lane
Sesame Lane
Shadow Mountain Lane
Shay Lane
Skyway (down to Crossroads)
Stark Lane
Stearns Road (East of Alpine Court)
Subke Lane
Sunny Lane
Sunrise Lane
Sunset Drive
Sylmar Lane
Sylvan (to Peck)
Tahoe Way
Tara Lane
Thornburg Road
Tiger Tail
Timber Lane
Timber Walk Way
Tobie Lane
Tranquil Drive
Twin Lane
Twin Oaks Drive
Valley Ridge Drive
Valley View Drive (from Valley Ridge to Shadow Mountain Lane)
Vera Mar Court
Vineyard Drive
Vista Village (all except Russel Drive)
Wagstaff (from Twin Oaks Drive to Pentz Road)
West Wagstaff (From Bille Road to Oliver Road)
West Sutter
Wills Way
Woodcroft Road
Wayland Road ( some sections )
York Town Manor
Yorkshire Drive (from Pinewood Drive to Crestmoor Drive)
Zenith Lane

If your street is listed here, PID may be able to schedule your water to be turned on.

Our technicians would like to meet with you to turn on the water to ensure the home is protected from flooding, however, we understand this isn't always convenient. When water can be restored to the meter safely, our technicians will turn the water on at the meter and leave a note for you with instructions on how to turn on your water valve.

To schedule water turn-on: Call 530-342-3101 (Monday - Thursday 10 am to 2 pm) or email us.

We are experiencing a large number of requests to turn water on. It may take several days or weeks to restore water to customers - even if your street has water. We ask that you not call a 2nd time to request service: Please help us keep our phone lines open for new requests. Thank you.

How are streets added to the "Back in Service" List?

Before PID adds a street to the "Back in Service" list, crews must have water to the area and the underground water lines must be intact. 

The process takes time:

  • Engineers determine the best route to push water to the area using large diameter mainlines.
  • Crews turn off all service laterals off to meters, hydrants, etc.
  • Crews open the street valve and inspect the entire area for leaks. There may be multiple valves on one street.
  • PID crews repair the leaks and continue to inspect the area until they are sure the water line is full and all connections are secured.
  • Depending on the damage to the area, once crews begin turning on a street the process may take one to two days and in some cases longer.

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