Service Lateral Replacement Project


Potable water is a requirement to receive a certificate of occupancy on a new build. PID is dedicated to doing the work of replacing fire-damaged service laterals so that you have the clean drinking water you need before final inspection.  Contractors are in place to accelerate service lateral replacements in support of rebuild and temporary housing. The contractor will replace up to 650 service laterals by Spring 2020. Once the service lateral is replaced PID will mail a letter to the owner on file indicating the water-advisory has been lifted for the property. Billing rates will increase from the 21.49 sealed rate back to the appropriate monthly service charge, currently $42.98 per month for residential customers.

Priority based on successful completion of:

  • Slab Inspection for stick-built homes or
  • an approved permit for manufactured homes.

We're aware of a current total priority backlog for rebuilds. Contractor is addressing priority backlog ASAP. Work started November 11th and we anticipate completing the current priority backlog by the end of January.

  spreadsheet Current Priority List (16 KB)  (updated weekly - includes rtemporary housing addresses)

Temporary Housing

After priority backlog is complete, we will add temporary housing sites to the priority list.

Requirements for service lateral replacement to temporary housing:

  • You have to be living on the property or intending to move to the property within 30 days.
  • Your new service lateral will be a 1” (This is the most common size for residential service. If you rebuild on the property later and require a larger service line, you will pay the cost of the upgrade).
  • Your new service (meter) will be at or near the same location as existing location.
  • You have to have interim water (backflow device). A 1" interim water device costs $546.76 and there is a current 6-week wait for PID to install the device.

I'm living on my property in temporary housing and need clean drinking water!

Email concerns to the project manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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