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 Water Quality Advisory Lifted for Surviving Homes & Completed Construction: Updated May 20, 2020


Backflow Prevention

Paradise Irrigation District has an active backflow prevention program as required by California Administrative Code, Title 17, Chapter V, Section 7583-7622 and PID Policy and Procedures Chapter 6.14 RE: Cross Connection & Backflow Control (amended January 2019 until December 31, 2020). Backflow devices are designed to prevent the unintentional backward flow of water from one point to another. PID requires backflow devices to be used at the water connection for any property where there is a potential water hazard.

Post-2018 Camp Fire Requirements

During the January 2019 PID Board Meeting, Directors approved an Interim Backflow Device Installation Program designed to allow water to be served to fire-damaged lots while reducing the risk of water contamination from potential property hazards.  The program will continue until the end of 2020 when the PID board will meet and may extend or amend the program.

  • Water service will not be restored to a fire-damaged parcel without the interim backflow device.
  • Properties, where the home or business was spared from fire destruction, are not required to install the interim backflow device unless there is another identified potential hazard.
  • The customer pays the cost for PID to install the interim backflow device.
  • PID performs the initial annual inspection of the device for no additional cost (normally $40.00).
  • PID owns and maintains the interim backflow device.
  • Pricing is guaranteed through December 31, 2020.



Customers have the option of paying in full when they order the device or entering into a 3-installment payment plan. If a customer chooses to finance the device, the first installment is due at time of order.

Size Cost Cost if Financed
 1 Inch Device
(most common residential size)
 $546.76  $571.32
 1 1/2 inch Device  $871.11  $899.57
 2 inch Device  $957.28  $986.77

How to order the interim backflow device

Order Early! There is a current 12-24 week wait for PID to install your interim water device. 

PID employees can install most ordered devices within the 6-week window, however, there are some instances when the installation may require additional work and must be scheduled. 

Call or come by the PID office:

6332 Clark Road
Paradise CA 95969
Mon-Fri, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


PID will install the interim backflow device and insulated cover at the current meter location or best suitable location if this is not an option. In some instances where the current meter is in a driveway or roadway, work may need to be scheduled to move the service lateral. This work may delay the interim backflow device installation timeframe.

Once installed, the customer can plumb their service line into the customer-facing side of thebackflow device or connect to the provided hose bib. Until the new meter is installed this is a temporary connection. Please do not plumb in to the device using permanent fixtures or methods.

IMPORTANT: Installation of the interim backflow device does not mean the water is potable at your address. PID will replace this device with a new device once the service lateral replacement is complete.


Recovery and drinking water Information

Standing Homes
Rebuilds / Temporary Housing

 PID has hired contractors who are replacing service laterals (the pipe between the meter connection and the main pipeline) for those rebuilding and nearing final inspection or living on their properties temporarily. When we perform the replacement, if you paid for an interim backflow device we are also replacing this device so that you can be sure all your PID infrastructure is new, safe and clean. We take this extra step so that you can be sure you're receiving good clean water.

interim backflow device
Interim Backflow Device / Cover Off

Interim Backflow Device with Cover


General Backflow Device Information

If you own a self-installed backflow device, the District requires the device to be tested annually by a California State Certified backflow tester. (Click here to download the list). 

Submit Annual Test, Inspection sheet and Tester Certification to:

PID - Attn: Backflow
6332 Clark Road
Paradise, CA 95969

or PID can test your device. The current fee is $40.00. To speak to a customer service representative or schedule your backflow test, contact the District Monday thru Friday, 9 am to 4 pm at 530-877-4971.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who needs this device?

The interim backflow device is required before water can be served to any property where debris clean up was necessary.  Each meter connection has the potential of back siphoning water back into Paradise's water system. To prevent potential contamination of our water system, PID requires a backflow prevention device anytime there is a known hazard on a property. The 2018 Camp Fire caused much devastation to Paradise properties. Even after the initial debris clean up there are many other hazards that have the potential to contaminate water in plumbing such as construction activities, water from storage tanks, filtering systems, pressurized septic and fire sprinkler systems. The backflow prevention device reduces the risk of potential contamination back into the water system. 

Is this device permanent?

 Yes.  The backflow prevention device will help protect our water system now and in the future.  PID currently maintains the device and may be replaced by PID as recovery continues.

I don't like the way the device looks, can it be moved, hidden or buried?

 No. The device will not function properly if buried as it requires a minimum clearance from the ground.  The device must be placed as close to the water meter as possible to ensure complete protection for the water system from water used on private property.

Why can't my plumber install this device?

 The interim backflow device is owned and maintained by the District. We currently handle the installation, maintenance, and repair of the device.

How do I connect to the interim backflow device?

 Until all fire-related recovery efforts are complete, we ask that you connect to the device in a temporary fashion.  A hose bib has been provided for convenience. You may also plumb into the device at the bottom of the customer-sided pipe. 

How long will PID honor the installation price?

 Until December 31, 2020. 

If I didn't lose my home in the 2018 Camp Fire, do I need one of these devices?

 PID does not automatically require a backflow device for a home built pre-fire. The District may require a backflow device to be installed if a potential hazard is present. Please contact us if you wish to schedule a needs assessment. Our customer service representatives are available Monday thru Friday, 9 am to 4 pm at 530-877-4971.

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