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Backflow Prevention is required for all water connections

Paradise Irrigation District has an active backflow prevention program as required by California Administrative Code, Title 17, Chapter V, Section 7583-7622 and PID Policy and Procedures Chapter 6.14 RE: Cross Connection & Backflow Control (amended March 17, 2021). Backflow devices are designed to prevent the unintentional backward flow of water from one point to another. PID requires backflow devices to be used at the water connection as a condition of water service.


  • A Wilkins 975 XL2 backflow prevention device is required to be installed according to PID specification before water service will be granted.



You have a choice on how you want to manage your backflow prevention

Option 1 - Order from PID using the enrollment form. 

PID employees can install most ordered devices within the 12-week window, however, there are some instances when the installation may require additional work and must be scheduled. You'll be charged $165.91 for installation and the annual maintenance fee will be split over 12 -months and applied to your monthly bill.

PID will install the interim backflow device and insulated cover at the current meter location or best suitable location if this is not an option. In some instances where the current meter is in a driveway or roadway, work may need to be scheduled to move the service lateral. This work may delay the interim backflow device installation timeframe.

Once installed, the customer can plumb their service line into the customer-facing side of the backflow device. Until the new meter is installed this is a temporary connection. Please do not plumb in to the device using permanent fixtures or methods.

IMPORTANT: The purpose of the backflow prevention device is to keep water flowing in the right direction and prevent water from your plumbing system from flowing back into the main water supply.  The presence of a backflow device does not indicate potable water for vacant parcels where the post-2018 Camp Fire water advisory has not been lifted. If you need information about the water quality at your address refer to your advisory lifted letter or contact the district.

Click here to get started or

Call or come by the PID office:

6332 Clark Road
Paradise CA 95969
Mon-Fri, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Option 2 - Install & maintain your own backflow prevention device.

PID charges a $70.00 administrative fee when you first install your backflow prevention device. This fee includes the pre-installation meeting and the post-installation inspection.

  • Step 1 - Call PID for a pre-install visit. During this visit PID can help you plan your installation, and review installation options.
  • Step 2 - Install your Wilkins 975XL2 device according to PID's specifications pdf See Installation Specifications Drawing (136 KB) . PID must approve the location and installation configuration.
  • Step 3 - Schedule with PID your installation approval visit. NOTE: Subsequent inspection trips due to incorrect installation will result in additional fees.
  • Step 4 - Contact an AWWA Certified tester to perform the initial inspection (Click here to download a list of testers). Or have PID test the device.
  • Step 5 - Submit your test to PID.
  • Step 6 - Schedule your water turn on.
  • Step 7 - Keep your device in working order, protected from freeze, and tested annually.


The state requires backflow prevention device to be tested annually by an American Water Works Association (AWWA) Certified backflow tester.
(Click here to find a tester near youfind a tester near you). 

Submit Annual Test, Inspection sheet, and Tester Certification to:

PID - Attn: Backflow
6332 Clark Road
Paradise, CA 95969


 Compare the options

Details PID-Maintained Device Customer-Maintained Device
Annual Cost $60.00 year $?? 
Qualifies for FEMA-paid Device Yes No
Maintenance Provider PID Property Owner
24/7 Emergency Service Yes No
Relevant Fees $60.00 per year The one-time installation fee is currently $70.00. Covers pre and post-installation inspections. Additional fees may apply for non-compliance.
Annual Testing Included Customer must hire AWWA certified tester
Customer Type Customers with 2" or smaller connection Any
Ownership of Device PID Property Owner
PID responsibility endpoint Shut off valve on the customer side of the backflow prevention device. Shut off valve a the meter.
Fees for testing / retesting included PID is not currently testing private devices
Responsible for future device replacement PID Property Owner
Device location and installation subject to PID specification requirements Yes Yes
New meter orders The device will be installed with a meter and while FEMA funds remain will be included at no additional cost to the customer. The customer will be required to install and test the backflow device according to PID specifications before water will be served to the property.
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