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Requests For Proposals

The Paradise Irrigation District (PID) purchases a wide variety of merchandise and services. The purpose of this vendor resource page is to acquaint you with PID’s purchasing policies and procedures and explain how you can do business with PID. Our goal is to help build vendor partnerships with Paradise Irrigation District. If this description does not answer all your questions, please give us a call.

  pdf Ch. 12 - Procurement Policy (150 KB)

General Purchasing

Procurement of supplies, materials, services and equipment are approved by department managers and the warehouse person up to $2,500. PID staff may make recommendations to the district manager for procurement above $2,500. subordinate personnel may make necessary purchases of less than $500 during the completion of their duties, to be authorized by the departmental manager.

The district manager approves purchases up to $7,500, and up to $25,000 for purchases necessary in the operation and maintenance of the water treatment and distribution systems.

The district manager may make purchases in excess of $7,500 in the case of an emergency that poses a threat to the public health, welfare and safety and also for equipment or facility repairs or materials that require immediate action to continue the daily operation of district business The district manager shall report emergency purchases at the next scheduled Board meeting.

The Board of Directors shall award purchases in excess of the district’s manager’s limits (i.e. $7,500, $25,000 or emergency) based on written bids, prices, proposals or agreements.

No other person may commit the funds for the acquisition of goods or services. Payments may not be made for goods or services delivered without an authorized purchase order number or charged to a district procurement card.

Professional Consultants

PID often uses consultants to provide expertise in special areas for professional services. Professional consultants may be required in various specialized fields where they possess needed qualifications, exercise sound professional judgment, and accept professional responsibility for their work.

Sales Visits/Hours

Office hours for sales calls are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Thursday. To save time and to ensure you receive adequate attention, please call in advance to make an appointment. Contact our customer service department at 530-877-4971 and request the buyer’s name and phone number for the product or service you provide.

Methods of Procurement

PURCHASE ORDER or ANNUAL PURCHASE ORDER: A line of credit established with a variety of vendors to allow PID personnel to obtain unanticipated supplies or services directly from vendors on an as needed basis for a specific period, and not to exceed a specific dollar amount. Competitive price quotations may be solicited. The award may be based on criteria such as such as location of vendor to the requesting department and completeness of inventory.

COMPETITIVE BIDDING or PROPOSAL PROCESS: Is utilized when the cost of supplies, materials or equipment required on a single purchase that exceeds $5,000 (unless waived by the district manager). This requires receiving written bids, and awarding the purchase to the lowest responsive bidder meeting the specifications. Awards may not always be to the lowest bidder, as the bid price shall not be the sole determining factor when awarding contracts. At a minimum, PID shall give consideration to a bidder’s ability to provide the required service, reference checks, history of prior or similar service, and local community impact.

Prior to a board meeting at which an award is to be considered, staff shall provide to the PID Board a summarized analysis of bids received as stipulated in the pdf Procurement Policy Chapter 12 (150 KB) ; Part 2; Section 12.2.2; Subsection I., Items 1 through 8.

INFORMAL BIDDING: Quotations totaling $1,000 to $5,000 for a single purchase are solicited from at least three (3) vendors, when practical. These quotes shall be recorded and can be obtained either by phone, fax or mail. Award is made to the lowest responsive vendor meeting the specifications.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP): Used primarily for services and highly technical commodities, studies or services. An RFP differs from a formal bid in that proposals may be solicited in a one or two step process and the award can be to the other than lowest price vendor. The following criteria are considered when evaluating which proposal is the most advantageous to PID.
• Cost to PID
• Quality of the proposed service
• Capabilities and expertise of the vendor
• Ability of the vendor to perform
• Past service/record/references
• Proposal that best meets all the requirements of PID.

PETTY CASH: District personnel are authorized to make purchases up to $50 in cash.

PURCHASES WITHOUT COMPETITION: The district manager may make purchases without the competitive bidding of proposals as stipulated in the procurement policy pdf Chapter 12 (150 KB) ; Part 2; Section 12.2.7; Subsections A. through G.


All orders must be delivered to the address specified on the purchase order. Vendors should not deliver goods to an alternate address unless authorized by the PID buyer.

Changes in Orders

The purchase order is PID’s contract with you. The District must approve any changes to the contract in writing.

Billing and Payment

The District requires invoices to be submitted to the accounting technician. The purchase order number MUST appear on all invoices, shipping tags, and all correspondence relevant to the order.

Payment is made only upon delivery and acceptance of all material, equipment or services as specified on the purchase order. Partial payments may be made on goods received against a purchase order. PID will make every attempt to process payment within 30 days.

IMPORTANT: Read the purchase order to obtain correct address to submit invoices. Do not assume the address is the same as a previous purchase order.


PID pays California state sales tax when applicable. Purchase orders may not show tax on the copy mailed to the vendor.


Vendors who perform a service for PID will be required to submit proof of insurance coverage as specified by PID. Questions on the District’s requirements can be answered by calling 530-877-4971

Bid and Performance

Bonds may be required when it is necessary to protect the interest of PID. Most contracts issued by PID do not require bonding.

Recycled Products

PID prefers to use products with recycled content and/or products that are recyclable. If you can provide PID with such products, please contact our offices.

Gifts and Gratuities

PID maintains a strict policy-prohibiting acceptance by its employees of gifts and/or gratuities from any vendor or potential vendor greater than $50 in a given year.


Registration Requirements

The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) requires contractors to be registered as a ‘public works contractor’. Some exclusions apply. Please visit the DIR website to learn more about the annual registration and for instructions on how to register.

To be eligible for consideration of a bid, a contractor is required to submit with their bid PID's form titled PWC-100 Contractor DIR Registration Verification Form

Prevailing Wage

Contracts for maintenance and/or construction of district facilities require vendors to pay prevailing wages. Learn more on the Labor Commissioner’s Office Website:

Small and Local Businesses

PID is committed to doing business with Paradise small and local businesses whenever possible.

 Click to read PID's procurement policy: Chapter 12 PID Policies and Procedures Manual.

Staff Contacts

Francisco Maciel (Warehouseperson)

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