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Updated May 20, 2020


Water Quality Advisory Update 
May 2020

Paradise Irrigation District (PID) continues to work diligently to recover the water distribution system to full potability. We have made huge strides and are issuing the following update to the Water Quality Advisory for PID customers which was issued following the Camp Fire.

Since the Camp Fire, PID has developed and implemented a massive water quality testing program. The results of that program have been and continue to be shared in a transparent manner through the System Recovery Maps at As a result of this testing and analysis of the data gathered, we are hereby revising the Water Quality Advisory originally issued December 20, 2018 with 3 Categories as follows:

Category 1: Surviving Structures - NO ADVISORY

(The home or business existed before the 2018 Camp Fire and remained standing after):
Once you have received a letter from PID lifting the Water Quality Advisory, the water from your service is compliant with all water quality regulatory standards 
If you have not received a letter yet, please contact us at 530-877-4971.

Category 2: New Builds/Rebuilds - NO ADVISORY

(Built after November 2018, has a permanent backflow device and certificate of occupancy):
Your service lateral will be replaced based on building permit and inspection status, with the goal of completing the service lateral replacement prior to final inspection. 
Once you have received a letter from PID lifting the Water Quality Advisory, the water from your service is compliant with all water quality regulatory standards. 
Until you receive that letter follow the recommendations under Category 3.

Category 3: Vacant /Temporary/Pre-build - WATER ADVISORY IN PLACE

(Lots with interim water service. May have a temporary camping permit or in process of rebuild):
The original Water Quality Advisory remains in place for Category 3. DO NOT DRINK OR OTHERWISE INGEST the water provided from your service lateral through the Interim Water Service. Potable water, such as bottled drinking water should be used for all

  • drinking,
  • food preparation,
  • ice making, 
    teeth brushing and
  • any other uses where water is ingested.

Potable drinking water and 5-gallon jugs are available free of charge at the PID office at 6332 Clark Road and at the Paradise Hope Center located at 311 Circlewood Drive.

Before using the water from an Interim Water Service for the following needs, contact an independent certified water treatment consultant to assess suitability for:

  • showering,
  • hand washing,
  • bathing, 
    dish washing,
  • pool or hot tub filling, or
  • any other non-ingestion use.

A variety of treatment approaches (continuous flow bypass, filtration, etc.) may be effective if they are designed and maintained properly. If you have any questions in the design of these systems, please contact us. If your water has a foul odor or color, immediately discontinue use and notify PID.

The health and safety of our customers continues to be of utmost concern for the PID as we work together through the recovery process. If you have any questions or need specific guidance, please call us and we will be happy to help. We look forward to supporting the community as rebuilding efforts continue.

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Drinking water 

Self-Serve Potable Water Fill Station (Up to 5 Gallon Containers)

  • PID Office Parking Lot - 6332 Clark Road, Paradise CA 95969
  • Bring Your own Containers
  • Public Access 24/7

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