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Public Information Requests

The Paradise Irrigation District is dedicated to remaining open and transparent. Starting in 2017, PID is making responses to requests for public information available online for the benefit of the public. 

Request Date Requested Date Delivered Requested by Response
"I would like to submit a public records request for water quality reports (also called consumer confidence reports) for Paradise Irrigation District from 2000 - 2011." August 19, 2022 August 23, 2022 An individual    
"I would like files related to a well reportedly within parcel "054-110-055-000 at 5385-5399 Clark Road in Paradise, California owned by the Town of Paradise" September 2, 2020 September 11, 2020 A Company    
For 691-693 Fir Street, copies of current utility bills, current/past due balance; and any delinquencies or liens associated with the property April 30, 2019 May 9, 2019 A Company    
"The Purdue Report ...All collected data, studies, investigative reports ...of the water quality in Paradise water; and All reports presented by PID to any other public agency on water quality or from another public agency to PID." April 24, 2019 May 3, 2019 An individual   
"Every notice issed to the public regarding the functionality, safety, and health (or lack thereof) of PID water during and after the 2019 Camp Fire..." March 31, 2019 April 10, 2019 An individual   
"All fees, liens, monies due for property at 6501 Gregory, Paradise." June 13, 2018 June 15, 2018 An individual
"I would like to request the outcome of the employee vote in regard to the selection of the District Manger ..." May 25, 2018 June 5, 2018 An individual
"Any and all purchasing records from 2017-09-20 to current...The specific information requested from your record keeping system is the Purchase Order Detail report." Feb. 13, 2018 Feb, 14, 2018 A company
“Any and all records for 5399 Newland Road, Paradise, CA regarding meter request, correspondence.” Time period requested: December 1, 2013 to December 1, 2016. Dec. 6, 2017 Jan. 09, 2018 An individual
"Any and all purchasing records from 2017-09-20 to current...The specific information requested from your record keeping system is the Purchase Order Detail report." Dec. 21, 2017 Dec. 21, 2017 A company
"I am requesting a copy of the Paradise Irrigation District's Employee Compensation Report for the 2016 year under the provisions of California Govt. Code §§6250-6270, the California Public Records Act." June 13, 2017 June 23, 2017 A company
"Owner trying to make me move due to unknown leak. Need billing regarding consumption for all 3 dwellings served by one meter."
April 24, 2017 May 3, 2017  An individual    *

1.  "An accounting of all uncashed checks/warrants (checks that have been issued by your government agency and remain outstanding) for six (6) months or more as of the date of this letter. Please only include items that can still be claimed by the payee and have not been escheated to the state."

2. "Unclaimed funds" pertaining to all unclaimed funds otherwise in the possession of the municipality."

May 18, 2017  May 22, 2017  A company  *

 * If indicated, portions of this online version of the public information request have been redacted (removed or hidden) to protect the privacy of either the individual or company requesting information, or the privacy of a property owner.

How to request public information

Requests may be submitted via e-mail, fax, mail, or in person to the District Office M-F, 9 AM TO 4 PM. Please provide as much detail as possible about the record(s) you want to see. Upon 10 days from receipt of the request, PID will determine whether the request, in whole or in part, seeks copies of the disclosable public records in the possession of the District and shall promptly notify the person making the request of the determination. On occasion, the District may write asking for more information in order to process the request. For your convenience, you may download and print our  pdf public records request form (106 KB) .

Email a request to Georgeanna Borrayo, District Secretary

Attention: District Secretary

By mail or in person
Mail a written request to the PID office.

Attention: District Secretary
6332 Clark Road
Paradise, CA 95969
(530) 877-4971
M-F 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Public records in electronic form will be released in the format in which they are held. If a record exists in both electronic and hard copy formats, you can select either one.

While PID will disclose identifiable and existing public records, the district is not required to create a new record or list from an existing record. And under state law, certain categories of records may be exempt from public disclosure pursuant to Government Code section 6253, subdivision (c).

In accordance with Government Code section 6253, copies of disclosable public records will be provided upon payment of fees covering direct costs of duplication, or a statutory fee if applicable. pdf Click here to view PID's schedule of administrative fees and charges (166 KB) .

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