NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING: Amendment to PID 2020 Urban Water Management Plan
Paradise Irrigation District (PID) will conduct a public hearing to consider an amendment to the 2020 Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP). The Public Hearing will be held as part of a regularly scheduled meeting of the PID Board of Directors which will be held on Wednesday, September 20, 2023, at 5:30 p.m. in the PID Board Room, 6332 Clark Road, Paradise, California. Attendance and participation via teleconferencing will also be supported. Instructions on joining the meeting and providing public comment can be found on PID’s website: . 

PID's Demonstration Garden

About. The garden allows ridge residents to learn more about the best plants for ridge landscaping, water-wise gardening concepts and different ways to efficiently irrigation a ridge garden and yard.

Visitors can wander through the garden and see first-hand planting areas which have a focus on erosion control, plants to encourage butterflies, pollinators and birds; and drought-and-shade-tolerant plants.

Planning your visit. The garden is open from dawn to dusk at 6344 Clark Road (the north driveway to the Paradise Irrigation District office), Paradise, CA 95969. Questions? Call 530/877-4971



Garden Bed A

Approximate square feet: 745
Plant Stage: Establishing

Garden Bed B

Approximate square feet: 128
Plant Stage: Establishing

Garden Bed C

Approximate square feet: 425
Plant Stage: Establishing

Garden Bed D

Approximate square feet: 528
Plant Stage: Establishing

Garden Bed E

Approximate square feet: 780
Plant Stage: Establishing

Garden Bed F

Approximate square feet: 255
Plant Stage: Establishing

Other Features

Jasmine along the fenceline


Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) 

We've added Star Jasmine, a climbing vine along the garden fence. Jasmine has glossy leavees and sweet-scented flowers that bloom for two or three months starting in late spring. We planted our jasmine every ten feet along the fenceline and expect it to cover the fence in one to two years.

Approximate fence length: 240 feet
Plant Stage: Establishing



Inline drip tubing is used to water this linear planting.   Emitters are 1 GPH spaced 12" apart

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